Cherry Blossom Walk

Decided to get out for some more sunshine today. We are loving our adventures during the school holidays. 

There are so many beautiful blossoms out. 

 We even got to see a beautiful family of ducks. We sat on the bank for ages just watching them.   

So beautiful. 


I love Spring

I love the Southern Highlands in Spring, especially the tulip festival. Last weekend we had the pleasure of going to see the beautiful floral display in Bowral. 

 So many ideas for next years garden. 🙂

Spring is so close

I have been really looking forward to Spring this year. Winter is always so cold in the Southern Highlands that we don’t get to enjoy the outdoors as often as we would like.
I am hoping this year that Spring brings with it better health and better luck. Today sure feels like Spring; my favourite season of the year.

We have been fighting bugs left right and centre. A virus took our big boy out on Friday and we had to battle his high temps all weekend. Thankfully his little body fought it of and he woke fever free yesterday morning. 

Today I am thankful for good health, my family and friends. Thank you for being there for me when I need you, good friends are hard to find and I am lucky to have you.

Attitude of Gratitude! 


Spring Solutions

They say that you should never make weight loss a new years resolution. That is why I have decided to make a ‘spring solution’ to my life by springing into spring.

Corny I know…

I just had a shower and as I was drying myself I caught me reflection out of the corner of my eye. For a year I have made a point of only glancing at the mirror when I really had to. Today I actually looked into the mirror and decided that enough is enough.

So as of Tuesday the 4th of September I am going to put my best foot forward (my littlest man turns 1 on the 3rd and there will be cake and other delicious foods consumed). My final goal is to fit into my favourite jeans. At this point I am not going to set a time frame or follow a ‘diet’. I am just going to have a healthy life change through eating healthy and hopefully getting fit.

I’m thinking of using the C25K app along with dancing around the lounge room. When we made the move to The Southern Highlands we vowed to get healthier. To do more outside and explore this beautiful area. So far the cold has kept us indoors but with spring fast approaching our plan is to get out and about. Since we are new to the area and keen to explore if you know any beautiful places to visit or activities to do please suggest them to us.

One day I might be brave enough to show pics of my journey.

Until next time. Xxx