Homemade butter

On Tuesday, I made butter in my food processor!

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making butter and it was one of the reasons I dreamed of owning a thermomix. I really wanted to see what pure butter tastes like without all of the crap they add to it. When I realised that I could make butter in my food processor I was pretty excited, in fact I popped straight down to the shops to buy some pure cream. 

This is how I made it:
I poured the cream into the bowl and turned it on to the second setting. I watched it quickly turn to whipped cream and then start to separate. Once the cream looked like it had separated I poured the buttermilk out into a glass (do not throw the buttermilk because it can be used in baking).


I then added ice cold water to the bowl and turned the machine on to wash the butter. You have to wash and drain the butter over and over again to wash the buttermilk away. Do not keep this milky water.


Once the water remained clear I poured the last of water off and used a spatula to squeeze the excess water out. It is important to squeeze as much water out as possible. I really found it amazing how much water I had to squeeze out. After you remove the water you can add some salt to preserve and flavour your butter. You can also add some oil to make the butter easier to spread. 


I just left my butter plain. It was wonderful and creamy. I am sure it won’t last long in this house anyway. Next time I might experiment with different herb and garlic. 


 I had so much fun making my butter and was quite happy with the cost and results. 

We normally spend around $6 for 375g of Mainland butter.
My homemade butter cost me $2.90 for 600ml of pure cream. That 600ml made 343g of pure butter and almost a cup of buttermilk.