Today I am grateful for… (8/10/11)

Today I am grateful for…

*quiet time – I can here the kids giggling in the bath while I am relaxing with a cup of tea made by my awesome man.

*giggles – music to my ears

*good news – so glad to hear good news for my dad


RIP Little Man


Yesterday my friend Alina and I had a dedication for little Connor.
We released some balloons in his honour at the same time as his family and friends laid him to rest. Our other friends across Australia held little dedications of their own.

We all changed our facebook profile pictures to a tribute photo. Out of respect for his family’s grieving process I am today changing my profile picture back to a photo of my own. I thought instead I would post a photo here to my blog as a quiet tribute in his memory.
RIP little man.

When I see clouds with a silver lining, a balloon floating or eagle flying through the sky I will think of you.