Bad food choices

Okay so today I feel I should be honest.

I have been neglecting my health and making some poor health choices in the name of ‘budget shopping’. I think that while I am being honest this is a pretty lame excuse and I can do better. 

I found myself filling out a health form today and it made me really think and reflect. It was actually quite confronting to answer the form truthfully. Writing out the answers really opened my eyes. Last year I made some solid changes to my eating habits and lost 7kgs without exercising. Since then I have put 3kgs back on and today I realised why. These few kilos didn’t magically appear. They weren’t created just through sneaky cheat eating but through pure laziness. What started out as ‘budget food shopping’ became an excuse to be lazy. 

In the morning when I wake tired, before my morning coffee kicks in, the kids are crying and demanding attention it is much easier to turn to toast. The kids love toast so while I am preparing it for them I don’t even think about what I should be having, I just make a couple of extra slices for me.

SO part of my health challenge for this month is NOT to skip breakfast or to have toast. I need to take responsibility, make changes to see results. Since breakfast is the first and some say the MOST important meal of the day I will start with it.

I think I will have to try some of these Paleo breakfast ideas and maybe go back to some breakfast smoothies. I loved the Michelle Bridges breakfast smoothie 🙂

Cheers D.