3 Wishes

You know how everyone wishes for world peace, once upon a time I would have said world peace too. These days I am feeling rather tired, burnt and angry.

If someone granted me 3 wishes I would ask for everyone to be granted with:

1. True happiness – the type of happiness you see in the eyes of an innocent child.

2. Honesty – I’d wish for the truth. There is so much pain in life. So many lies. I would love to wake up in the morning knowing that my loved ones won’t be lied to. That the promises made in friendship and by businesses were kept.

3. Recognition – I would love to know that hard work, dedication and loyalty were respected, recognised and rewarded. There is only so far someone can be pushed. If hard work is not recognised, respected and rewarded then what incentive is there to keep going?

I am so lucky that what I do every day is recognised. I am deeply saddened to know that so many people aren’t recognised. They work hard in the work place and/or at home to get no thanks. If my wishes were granted I’m pretty certain the world would be a happier place.

What would you wish for?

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The universe is playing games with me!!

It is one of those strange days today.
I am feeling a little emotional for a few different reasons (nothing to share really), it is chilly 6.7 degrees outside and I have washing to hang on the line.

My problem is every time I open that door to brave the cold wind it starts raining. If I sit back on my bottom the sun comes back out again! It seriously feels like the universe is playing games with me. You know the one where you have a sprinkler watering the garden, turn it off and a curious child walks up to the sprinkler to find out where the water has gone. When they get close you turn it back on and surprise them, usually leaving them in fits of laughter.

It is like that but I’m not laughing. I just want dry clothes. 

The rain is nice though. Might make myself a coffee and enjoy a spot of laziness. If Marty asks… the universe was plotting against me 😉