Homemade CADA served with Coconut Yoghurt


Ever since I first tried CADA I have been obsessed by it. When my Mum gave me my food processor it was one of the first things I made.

Lately I have been obsessed by Coyo. Coyo is the most beautiful, creamy coconut yoghurt. If you love coconut, like me, then you really should indulge in some. It is quite expensive so it is definitely something I classify as an indulgence. Since I do not have a money tree, I have challenged myself to make the perfect, homemade alternative.

My first attempt was a massive fail. My second attempt (as pictured above) was just lovely. It really complemented my CADA. I look forward to tweaking it a little more because it isn’t far off. 🙂



Look what I made – Artisian No-Knead Bread

This is seriously the easiest to make and tastiest homemade bread!

It is a lovely soft bread with an awesome crunchy crust. When my friend shared this no-knead bread recipe I was very curious so I clicked on the link and was delighted to see how easy it looked. It is seriously as simple as it looks and has no nasties in it. I seriously suggest trying it. Don’t be put off by the amount of time you wait before baking it; it is worth it. 🙂
If you do make it or have made it before, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


My challenge to myself…

As of the 1st of August I am going to readjust my lifestyle again.
Last year I committed myself to the Michelle Bridges 12wbt challenge. It was a great success.
I lost 7kg through changing my diet. I didn’t exercise but just ate right.

If I am going to be completely honest I have been slack. I have been having WAY too many treats. I have gained a little back but not enough to worry too much. My biggest weakness is chocolate. So I think I will have to be strong on that front.

This August I plan to start cooking the 12wbt meals again. Cut back on my coffee intake and drink more water. I am also looking into creating another daily exercise challenge for myself. I felt great last time I did that.

By summer I dream of feeling great.

Baby steps…


Look for the good 🙂

Mistakes are okay.



Since I live in the Southern Highlands and don’t have a gym membership this is important.


Patience, If I start in August by September I will see a difference.
By October you will see the difference…

Lucky I’m a dreamer.
Peace xxx

(*none of these are my images they were found via google images)

Yesterday I was grateful for… (9/10/12)

Yesterday I was grateful for…

*My Neighbours – they have been giving us vegetables from their garden. Yesterday it was fresh spinach.

*Allison – her gift of eggs and just being such a beautiful caring friend. I really appreciate you lovely.

*Chocolate – I found some chocolate stashed in the cupboard.

Loving the 12wbt

I am seriously loving the 12wbt challenge.

I have never really dieted before. Diets have always seemed restrictive and boring… Until the 12wbt!

The food is absolutely wonderful. So healthy, balanced and just so YUMMY! It doesn’t really feel like a diet… More just a preplanned meal guide.

Mish’s ‘diet’ encourages and inspires me to be more organised. To shop in advance. To really JFDI.

Although the shopping seems expensive at the checkout, we have found that it is actually cheaper than how we were living. Less trips to the checkout means less chance of buying junk and less $$$ spent.

Did I mention how awesome the food is?

Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake with a raspberry twist

So not long ago I tried Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake and it was just perfect for a quick, naughty and definitely indulgent afternoon pick me up.

Today I tried it again but threw in some frozen raspberries for that little extra ‘fresh’ touch.

Raspberries make it a healthy snack… Right? 😉