99 Awesome Paleo Diet Snacks and Ideas | Paleo Diet Success

This afternoon I find myself looking for healthy snack options. After the paleo diet was recommended to me by someone I admire I thought I’d search for some paleo snack options and came across this list with some tasty snack options.


via 99 Awesome Paleo Diet Snacks and Ideas | Paleo Diet Success.


12wbt success

So today is weigh in Wednesday and I can happily share that I am 100g off my goal weight!

I am pleasantly surprised that I have gone so well and have achieved my goal already.

The 12wbt life style change hasn’t been hard at all. The food is fantastic and so easy to make.

For non-dieters like me or those struggling to lose weight I strongly recommend you try the 12wbt.


Now I am almost, at my goal I am going to reassess and plan where to go next.


Loving the 12wbt

I am seriously loving the 12wbt challenge.

I have never really dieted before. Diets have always seemed restrictive and boring… Until the 12wbt!

The food is absolutely wonderful. So healthy, balanced and just so YUMMY! It doesn’t really feel like a diet… More just a preplanned meal guide.

Mish’s ‘diet’ encourages and inspires me to be more organised. To shop in advance. To really JFDI.

Although the shopping seems expensive at the checkout, we have found that it is actually cheaper than how we were living. Less trips to the checkout means less chance of buying junk and less $$$ spent.

Did I mention how awesome the food is?

I changed my mind…

I know I said that I wasn’t going to follow a particular diet, well guess what… I changed my mind!

On Thursday I signed up for round 3 of Michelle Bridges 12wbt challenge and it kicked off today. I am excited by the food but not so much trying to fit the exercise in.

I had no idea what my goal weight should be because I really can’t remember what it was like to weigh less than I do now. I don’t know how much I weighed at my goal size. So for the purpose of needing to set a goal I have plucked 7kg out of the air.

Please wish me luck.

(Today’s delicious lunch – Roast capsicum and tomato sandwich)

Tim Tams oh how I miss the

It has been 20 days and counting…

Yes I am addicted to Tim Tams and all things sweet and full of chocolatey goodness!

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well I was stuck on the first step for so long one would think I was glued there! I was beginning to realise that my theory that the clothes dryer was shrinking my clothes may not actually be true in fact my Bottom was becoming quite sizeable!

Then some lovely online friends of mine decided to go on a diet together. Still in denial I watched on (while eating a Tim Tam) as they talked about how they planned on losing weight and what diet they would follow. Having never been on a diet I started reading up on the various diets until one of my lovely friends recommended the My Fitness Pal App. Being the tech freak that I am I just had to check it out. I was surprised to find that it would be actually easy to healthily diet using the Myfitnesspal iPhone app (yes the scanner function sucked me in). I filled in all the details and it worked out how many calories I should roughly eat in a day (and then I added 500 calories because a breast feeding Mum needs to eat an extra 2000kjs/500cals a day).

So 20 days ago I bit the bullet, signed up for a myfitnesspal account, bought some shiny red scales and I haven’t looked back (often). I have even walked right past many FANTASTIC Tim Tam sales without buying any. Even after my happily pregnant friends have been facebooking about the new double coated caramel Tim Tams (my mouth is watering just thinking about it).

If like me, you too have a problem, step away from that Tim Tam 😉

P.s. Check out http://www.myfitnesspal.com it really is great.