Feels like Spring!

Sitting outside while the boys play and it feels like Spring. So nice to feel the warm sun on my face. Nothing cleanses the soul like warm sunshine.

Working on Jake’s beanie again. I love the zig zags.



Meet Donna

About a month ago we welcomed the lovely Donna into our lives. After feeling rather ‘depresso’ when our capsule machine started to malfunction we said goodbye to the expensive capsules and hello to coffee beans.

This is Donna

Donna makes our life happier and more bearable. Our gorgeous little boys still wake frequently and the lack of sleep makes me a zombie. At the push of a button we have beautiful coffee, happy mum, happy wife = happy life.



Feeling rather depresso lately.
We have been having trouble with our MAP coffee machine. It has basically been worn out (just out of warranty). So it has been a long time between decent coffee.
Those that know Marty and I would know that this is just NOT an option we can live with.

This time last week, after three of the coffee capsules exploded and I still didn’t get myself a coffee! We decided enough was enough. Popped down to our local Harvey Norman to find coffee machines on sale. After spying an awesome machine, with a to good to be true price tag we bought it. They didn’t have one out back but promised it would be in on Friday.

It wasn’t.

So on Sunday we found ourselves staring at a full bag of beans lustfully. For those interested you can brew coffee in a teapot.

Yes, in a true despresso moment I made coffee in my teapot and it was AMAZING! Haha.

Another trick for Capsule machine lovers is to put a small hole in the back of the capsules before using them. I don’t think the coffee tastes awesome that way but you do get coffee. 😉

Crossing fingers our machine arrives soon because I’m feeling despresso today and this instant isn’t cutting it. I dislike instant but when a tired mum needs a caffeine kick it is desperate times. 🙂

Morning walk

Today we had a first world problem… We ran out of coffee.
Instead of hopping in Kermit (my car) and ducking down to the shops I decided to move my butt, to JFDI and walk down to the shops.

Charlie and I went on our first adventure. I chose to take our pram over the ergo and regretted it the whole way to and from. There are no paths in our street. The choice is to walk on the road or bump along the roadside.

Anyway we did it. We headed out in the beautiful southern highlands sun. We got coffee and drooled over the canon camera of my dreams and returned home.

2.5km walk done and dusted.

Let’s hope I can convince myself to do it again soon.

P.s. still loving the 12wbt ‘diet’