Day 4 – Flab2Fab Challenge

So I just smashed Day 4 – have you?

It is not too late to join for those who were thinking of joining me. It doesn’t take long to complete this little challenge.

Today’s exercises are

– 25 sit-ups
– 6 pushups
– 20sec plank

Here is a cute pic of my little Bear trying to help me get strong. Every time I tried to day he climbed on my back to give me a big hug! *Bless*



Day 2 – Flab2Fab

Day 2 of my challenge and I am feeling all my muscles from day 1. I am so unbelievably unfit but with each day I know that I will get stronger.

That is my motivation.

I just smashed day 2. For those doing this challenge with me don’t forget to do today’s workout:
– 15 Sit-ups
– 5 Push-ups
– 15s Plank


Yes! I can knit.


See I can knit!
I am currently making a little Milo vest.
I think it will look really cute.

After lots of frogging (pulling it apart rippit rippit rippit, get it?πŸ˜‰) I have completed the first part of the pattern.

I am proud.

Thanks Meg for all your help and answering 50 billion questions (I’m am about to try to get my head around the next round so brace yourself). Xxx