Cherry Blossom Walk

Decided to get out for some more sunshine today. We are loving our adventures during the school holidays. 

There are so many beautiful blossoms out. 

 We even got to see a beautiful family of ducks. We sat on the bank for ages just watching them.   

So beautiful. 


Our trip to Mogo with Grandma

A little while ago, on a very rainy weekend, we went with Grandma to Mogo Zoo. Marty stayed home to do some out of hours work (talk about being a dedicated employee).

It poured all the way to Mogo and cleared for us to enjoy the Mogo Zoo. We had an awesome time walking around the zoo. All the little animals had special heat lamps to keep them warm. The enclosures were quite large and the animals were happy. It was a beautiful zoo.

The boys loved the lions, giraffes and feeding the deer. I am hoping to go again soon so we can show Marty. Here are some pics in no particular order (I’m running out the door to pick Marty up from the station).

I took one of myself to prove I was there 😉


Today I am grateful for… (7/10/12)

Today I am grateful for…

*Marty – taking charge and doing loads of washing. What a man!

*Tulip time – we had a wonderful day strolling around the tulip time garden in Bowral. So pretty!

*Bicarb and Vinegar – the cooking supplies that work a treat when I forget to buy cleaning supplies.