Thank you!


As I look around the house it appears I have a FEW things to be thankful for. 😉
This afternoon I want to say thank you for the pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded, the toys covering the floor and my dirty coffee mug waiting to be washed BUT my biggest thank you of all is for the NOISE.

I am saying thank you to these things because they are the things that have made me feel frustrated at least once today. This morning they jogged my memory and I am not talking of just the before children, quiet, clean house days.

It just so happens that I quite possibly have the loudest boys in the world! Today they are being quite full on, playful and very demanding. For a few moments earlier it started to grate on my nerves.

Then I remembered…
I remembered that they are young and having fun.
I remembered that they love me.
I remembered how important they are to me.
I remembered that just because I have a killer headache life doesn’t stop.
I remembered that they are only young once.
I remembered that they have needs…

They need me.
They need me to embrace their energy.
They need me to laugh at their jokes.
They need me to find joy in how cool the little things in life are.
They need me to listen to the same story, over and over again.
They need me to watch them perfect a new trick, not just one time.
They need me to ignore that pile of laundry for another day and sit down to play.
They need all of this because I MATTER to them. I am important.

My words, actions and reactions matter. They have the ability to make or break. If chosen wisely, they can foster all the wonderful attributes I wish for my boys to have.


So today I had to remember to be thankful for, what could be considered by some, the bad. I had to take a big breath and remain patient. The ‘bad’ things were distracting me from what is important and made me focus on them instead of the bigger picture.
Since that moment of clarity, my day has been spent just loving my little people, soaking up their excitement, guiding their energy into positive play and just having fun; they are only young once.

I am lucky. For that I am honestly thankful for.


It is official… I am a dreamer!

I have spent most of my day looking online at house ideas. Not because we are building now but one day we will…



When we do I want it to be perfect. Our little sanctuary… our home! 



It will happen, in time, because both Marty and I want it to happen. Once upon a time I would have been happy to have any place but now I have my little family I want it to be perfect.




If you are a dreamer like me,





because us dreamers make the world a better place.

Just imagine…


Peace xx

Our trip to Mogo with Grandma

A little while ago, on a very rainy weekend, we went with Grandma to Mogo Zoo. Marty stayed home to do some out of hours work (talk about being a dedicated employee).

It poured all the way to Mogo and cleared for us to enjoy the Mogo Zoo. We had an awesome time walking around the zoo. All the little animals had special heat lamps to keep them warm. The enclosures were quite large and the animals were happy. It was a beautiful zoo.

The boys loved the lions, giraffes and feeding the deer. I am hoping to go again soon so we can show Marty. Here are some pics in no particular order (I’m running out the door to pick Marty up from the station).

I took one of myself to prove I was there 😉


I’m an Aunty!

On the 25th of May my gorgeous little Nephew entered the world.
Marty raced off to the shops and returned with some bubbles to celebrate.


Sadly I haven’t had the pleasure to meet him yet. Our first attempt was ruined when I got really sick. Can’t wait to meet him this Saturday.
I am so proud of my Bro and his fiancé Keira 🙂 

Meet Donna

About a month ago we welcomed the lovely Donna into our lives. After feeling rather ‘depresso’ when our capsule machine started to malfunction we said goodbye to the expensive capsules and hello to coffee beans.

This is Donna

Donna makes our life happier and more bearable. Our gorgeous little boys still wake frequently and the lack of sleep makes me a zombie. At the push of a button we have beautiful coffee, happy mum, happy wife = happy life.