Potty Training a 2 year old (going on teen or as I like to call him my little preteen)

I’ll just fill you in on our potty training journey. Boy has it been a journey! When I hear of toddlers being toilet trained in a week (or even 3 days!) I am just amazed. We have been dabbing at this toilet training business for so long now.

The best news is we have nearly got there! For ages it was a struggle to get Mr J to do a #2 in the potty let alone the toilet! He would fight it like mad and go in his nappy, pants or even a random place in the house or garden. After a surprise #2 in the potty (it may have surprised him more than me) I brought out the big guns.

Yes I stooped to bribery!

1 very special treat (aka freddo frog) for every successful #2 in the potty. Boy did this work a treat. He very quickly got over his potty fear and we graduated to daily poops in the potty. I suppose you are beginning to wonder what the point of this blog post is…

Well I soon learnt how very smart Mr J is. He very quickly learnt (a couple of weeks ago) that if he did 3 small #2s that meant 3 freddo frogs. Score!

He then learnt that Bubba C is the best decoy. That if mummy is feeding Bubba C he can get up to all kinds of positively smart, sneaky mischief!

So I was quietly feeding Bubba C in our room when I hear Mr J yell “Yay, poo in potty. Yay”.
(When it comes to poo no parent is going to muck around) Quickly I jump up and run into the bathroom to find this nasty mess in Mr J’s potty. Boy was it nasty! I turn around to congratulate him and just as I am about to make a massive deal about how awesomely cool it is I spy what he is holding…

An empty tube of Gourmet Garden Thai herb and spice blend.

Yes my cheeky little munchkin decided that this tasty tube of herb mix was the perfect consistency and colour to fool mummy into believing that he had used the potty in order to get a ‘very special treat Mum’.

If only he had disposed of the evidence!