Attention spammers: I am Danni; Hear me ROAR!

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Here is a tip for those who try and drum up business by going to blogs and telling people they are not tagging correctly, not ‘targeting the correct audience’ or anything similar to that.

Negativity will get you nowhere with me. It is not welcome on my page so please just back off. If I see your posts I will just delete them so don’t waste your time ‘targeting’ me. I have been getting LOTS of very rude comments on my blog and I have had enough.

Maybe in future you could just say to people “Hey I am X and I specialise in helping bloggers to get more traffic on their page. I can see I few ways I could help you so if you are interested please contact me at *insert email here*.”

I want my blog to be a positive place where people to come to read what is happening in my life, to see what I am creating, to hopefully be inspired and motivated. I set this blog up to share my favourite links, recipes and activities that I do with my children. This is an open journal of sorts. This is me. I write what is on my mind and straight from the heart. My blog isn’t perfect but neither am I. I am not selling anything or profiting in anyway. Anyone is welcome to join in my journey by offering links, ideas, tips, suggestions, support and basically anything related to my posts that will benefit myself or those reading my blog.

On that note I am off to create a play-dough masterpiece with my little men.

Peace and positivity. May you have a nice day =D

99 Awesome Paleo Diet Snacks and Ideas | Paleo Diet Success

This afternoon I find myself looking for healthy snack options. After the paleo diet was recommended to me by someone I admire I thought I’d search for some paleo snack options and came across this list with some tasty snack options.


via 99 Awesome Paleo Diet Snacks and Ideas | Paleo Diet Success.



Feeling rather depresso lately.
We have been having trouble with our MAP coffee machine. It has basically been worn out (just out of warranty). So it has been a long time between decent coffee.
Those that know Marty and I would know that this is just NOT an option we can live with.

This time last week, after three of the coffee capsules exploded and I still didn’t get myself a coffee! We decided enough was enough. Popped down to our local Harvey Norman to find coffee machines on sale. After spying an awesome machine, with a to good to be true price tag we bought it. They didn’t have one out back but promised it would be in on Friday.

It wasn’t.

So on Sunday we found ourselves staring at a full bag of beans lustfully. For those interested you can brew coffee in a teapot.

Yes, in a true despresso moment I made coffee in my teapot and it was AMAZING! Haha.

Another trick for Capsule machine lovers is to put a small hole in the back of the capsules before using them. I don’t think the coffee tastes awesome that way but you do get coffee. 😉

Crossing fingers our machine arrives soon because I’m feeling despresso today and this instant isn’t cutting it. I dislike instant but when a tired mum needs a caffeine kick it is desperate times. 🙂

How to make a Granny Square: Round 1

I have recently learnt to crochet so I thought I’d write a quick tutorial to share what I have learnt.

What you will need
1x crochet hook
1x ball of yarn
Measuring tape
(I recommend 4mm crochet hook and 8ply yarn)

First step is to create a slip knot on your hook watch this


Next make 4 chain stitches (watch this to learn how to make a chain)


Once you have made the chain turn it over. On the back you will see 4 raised loops. Insert your crochet hook into the very first loop hole.


Like so… Push the crochet hook through, twist the yarn over the hook and pull it through both loops.


See where I am pointing? For future reference it is known as the centre loop.

To start round one Chain 3 upwards.


The next step is to create a double crochet.
Yarn over.


Stick the crochet hook through the centre loop like so…


Yarn over.


Pull the yarn through.


It should then look like this. Yarn over and pull through the first 2.


Yarn over again and pull the yarn through the 2 loops.


Repeat the double crochet and it should look like this.


Then to move around the loop you need to make 2 chains, these two chains will be the corner. Yarn over the hook and poke it back through the centre loop to start your next double crochet. On this side you need to do 3 double crochets. Then another 2 chains. It will then look like this.


Continue around in the circle another 2 times to make the square. Instead of making 2 chains, to get around the corner, end by making only 1 chain.

You will now find yourself next to the chain of 3 that started crochet round 1 off. Locate the third chain loop and push your crochet hook through it. Hook the yarn and pull it through. This is known as a single crochet. It should now look like this…


Congratulations on completing one round. 🙂

(FYI I taught myself using this tutorial)

Do I look skanky?

Okay so my tip of the day is ‘never ask a frazzled mum a question you clearly don’t want to be answered truthfully’…

So, after the worst stomach bug ever, C and I ducked into Bowral for supplies today. After the quickest, too scared to touch anything shop I was stopped in the car park by a 25-30something year old female to be asked…

“Do I look skanky in this outfit? My friend says I do”

Hmmm… Picture this. Knee high lace up boots, super short bright red skirt white, tight, see through singlet no bra…

What else could I say but…

“Is that the look you are going for?”

Apparently that was the wrong answer… 😉

Thermomix blog list – For later

As you all know I am obsessed with Thermomix machines and learning. So instead of annoying Marty by sending constant email links his way I’ve decided to blog them.

First on my list is this hints and tips page

This link is for converting favourite recipes

More tips – one on overflowing

Village Vegies – Fruit and Vegetable delivery service

A couple of weeks ago we had a Village Vegies flyer dropped in our letter box. We were so happy to find it because fresh Australian grown preferably local produce is important to us. Having 2 little ones often makes shopping a difficult task so free home delivery makes it win, win, WIN!

So for the last 2 weeks we have had Village Vegies delivered to our door. So far the quality of the produce and the customer service have been beyond exceptional. I love opening the box for the first time and smelling the freshness. The fruit and veg has stayed fresh for so much longer than what we have bought in the supermarkets.

They also sell local honey, local free range eggs, fresh organic Australian orange juice, Artisan made turkish bread and fresh flowers. We have purchased everything but the flowers now and are very impressed.

I cannot recommend them enough so if you live in the Southern Highlands or know anyone who does look them up here.

There is a song in everything

I’m sure everyone has seen or even had a difficult moment with a toddler where a deadline was looming and said toddler wanted hugs and your full attention.

This morning this is exactly what happened. Little Charlie was keen on getting hugs when I really needed to iron Marty’s shirt so he could go to work. As you can guess one can’t quickly, easily or even safely hold a toddler and iron.

So I dug deep searching for a little creativity and thought up a song to sing him to distract and make it possible.

This is what I came up with and once again the song worked.

“Iron iron iron the clothes,
Watch the crinkles go.
Watch watch watch along,
Watch and you will see.”

So my fun tip for the day (other than to be more organised) is to make things fun by singing songs.

“Sing sing sing a song,
Sing it happily
Sing sing sing along
Sing and you will see”


DIY Face Scrub

Not long ago my Mummy group and I were chatting about face products and my gorgeous friend recommended this homemade face scrub on this blog. I finally got around to buying olive oil and making it tonight.
It is truly BLISS. I’m loving how beautiful my skin feels right now. If you are in a DIY skincare mood then I highly recommend it.

Here is what you need to make it:
-A small container to keep it in
-Two tablespoons of sugar (I only have raw coffee or caster sugar so I used caster sugar)
-Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
-A tiny tiny drop of vanilla essence (for the smell)
All you have to do is mix it up, wet your face and scrub away. Rinse and enjoy super soft skin.
Next time (since I am super obsessed with coconut oil atm) I will try it with coconut oil instead of olive oil. Here is a link on using coconut oil for gorgeous skin.
Enjoy. xxx