DIY Face Scrub

Not long ago my Mummy group and I were chatting about face products and my gorgeous friend recommended this homemade face scrub on this blog. I finally got around to buying olive oil and making it tonight.
It is truly BLISS. I’m loving how beautiful my skin feels right now. If you are in a DIY skincare mood then I highly recommend it.

Here is what you need to make it:
-A small container to keep it in
-Two tablespoons of sugar (I only have raw coffee or caster sugar so I used caster sugar)
-Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
-A tiny tiny drop of vanilla essence (for the smell)
All you have to do is mix it up, wet your face and scrub away. Rinse and enjoy super soft skin.
Next time (since I am super obsessed with coconut oil atm) I will try it with coconut oil instead of olive oil. Here is a link on using coconut oil for gorgeous skin.
Enjoy. xxx