Homemade herb and garlic infused butter

Our beautiful herb garden has really taken off which means we have more herbs than we need right now. After some research I decided to harvest some of the coriander and some of the parsley to make our own infused oil and butter.

Garden fresh Coriander.

Garden fresh Parsley.

I whizzed the coriander up by itself and added it to half a batch of homemade butter. I then whizzed some Australian garlic up with the parsley.

I put some in an old baby food freezer tray with some quality olive oil.

The rest went into the remaining butter. I placed it on some plastic wrap and wrapped it up nice and tight to make a butter log.
It was delicious on fresh coriander.


Homemade Jersey Caramels

I found this recipe on Wholefood Simply. Please check out the Wholefood Simply blog for more awesome recipes, it is one of my favourite food blogs.

My kids love sweet treats but I am not keen on giving them lollies so when I found this Jersey Caramel recipe I had to try it.

Here is what you need:
2 cups of desiccated coconut
12 Medjool dates
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

Deseed the dates and put everything in your food processor. Turn on high and watch. After a while the dates and coconut will combine.

Once they are combined put them in a lined loaf pan (I used half of a brownie pan). Press down firmly on the mixture.

Place tray in the fridge until it is set. Cut into small, toddler bite sized pieces.

Enjoy 🙂

Look what I made – Artisian No-Knead Bread

This is seriously the easiest to make and tastiest homemade bread!

It is a lovely soft bread with an awesome crunchy crust. When my friend shared this no-knead bread recipe I was very curious so I clicked on the link and was delighted to see how easy it looked. It is seriously as simple as it looks and has no nasties in it. I seriously suggest trying it. Don’t be put off by the amount of time you wait before baking it; it is worth it. 🙂
If you do make it or have made it before, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Quick toddler meal tip

Have you ever gotten to the afternoon and thought, oh no what will I feed the kids tonight?
Normally we eat as a family, after Marty gets home, but some days the kids are really tired and I don’t have everything I need for dinner that night. On these nights I prefer to make quick meals that are healthy and just for the little ones. Last night was one of these nights.

Thankfully I always have pasta, some vegies and a jar of organic baby purée in our house. Last night we used this one, the boys love it.

(for more info click here -link to picture)

Last night I just cooked up some carrot and pasta, stirred the puree through and added some grated cheese. There is no need to heat the baby food before stirring it in.

It is a quick, cheap and healthy meal option that is far better for the little ones than fast food.

12wbt success

So today is weigh in Wednesday and I can happily share that I am 100g off my goal weight!

I am pleasantly surprised that I have gone so well and have achieved my goal already.

The 12wbt life style change hasn’t been hard at all. The food is fantastic and so easy to make.

For non-dieters like me or those struggling to lose weight I strongly recommend you try the 12wbt.


Now I am almost, at my goal I am going to reassess and plan where to go next.


12wbt – almost there!

I just wanted to quickly update my blog to say I am almost there. I have almost reached my goal weight. Although I haven’t been exercising, must work on that 😉

I am still loving the 12wbt food but craving a big slice of banoffee pie or chocolate mudcake.


I really want to try this recipe one day (the photo is from the blog)

Loving the 12wbt

I am seriously loving the 12wbt challenge.

I have never really dieted before. Diets have always seemed restrictive and boring… Until the 12wbt!

The food is absolutely wonderful. So healthy, balanced and just so YUMMY! It doesn’t really feel like a diet… More just a preplanned meal guide.

Mish’s ‘diet’ encourages and inspires me to be more organised. To shop in advance. To really JFDI.

Although the shopping seems expensive at the checkout, we have found that it is actually cheaper than how we were living. Less trips to the checkout means less chance of buying junk and less $$$ spent.

Did I mention how awesome the food is?

Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake with a raspberry twist

So not long ago I tried Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake and it was just perfect for a quick, naughty and definitely indulgent afternoon pick me up.

Today I tried it again but threw in some frozen raspberries for that little extra ‘fresh’ touch.

Raspberries make it a healthy snack… Right? 😉