Our new life in the ‘country’

We have been in our new house for a bit over a month now and boy has our life changed, for the better. The air is so much fresher (read cleaner and COLDER) down here and our house is just beautiful.

I have spent quite a bit of time baking (thanks Allison for the awesome fresh eggs) in my new kitchen. While my taste buds and boys love it I’m not sure my waist does. 😉

It took us a while to get the internet connected but now it is I am back! My plan is to blog more and facebook less. To spend more time playing with my sons, enjoying the company of my man and exploring the Southern Highlands to see what it has to offer (and blog about it).

For the month of August I will be challenging myself to a photo a day & trying new recipes.

Let’s see how I go. Got to run, my little prince is calling.