It is my knit-versary!

I can’t believe that I have been knitting for a year today!
Thanks to Meg for inspiring, enabling, encouraging me to give it a go. Without your kindness, generosity and patience it would not have been possible.

Thanks to Marty for understanding my need to have a hobby, encouraging me every step of the way, putting up with me playing youtube clips over and over again and for not getting openly frustrated with my special kind of crazy.

Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement along the way.

As crazy and ‘old Nanna’ as it sounds I certainly enjoy my hobby. This is what my year of knitting looks like.


This was my first project, a Milo.


My second: Aviatrix


My third: Garden City Scarf


My fourth: Paula’s Scarfette

CassiaMy Fifth: Cassia (tunic)


My sixth: A Ziggy Beanie for Marty

ziggy 2

My seventh: Ziggy Beanie for Jake

And the following are (still) work in progress shots


My Hoodie (Coastal Hoodie) This one has been EPIC but is going to be a beautiful hoodie when it is finally finished. Halfway through the button band and still have the long sleeves to go.

blanketLastly, a blanket I am working on for my gorgeous sister. I am not following a pattern for this one. Just knitting like crazy trying to get through the first ball.

Sadly I don’t get much time to knit so it takes quite a while to get through each project. I look forward to many more.


Making my first button band

There has been some process. I have completed the body and the hood of my coastal hoodie and I’m now working on the never ending button band.

This has really been an epic and therapeutic knit for me. It has taken so very long to get this far (with my 2 boys I don’t get much time to knit) and I have learnt so much along the way. I am very proud of the progress I have made. 🙂

I am loving my hoodie. This is a quick snap of the hem ❤ please excuse the photo quality.


My first knitting project is complete!

Not long ago I was looking at my friend’s knitting and felt inspired to learn. I decided that I wanted to make something for another friend’s belly baby (who I call squishy).
My gorgeous friend Meg suggested that this beautiful Milo vest be my first project. Never one to shy away from a challenge I jumped on the opportunity to challenge myself and learn how to knit.
I chose to knit it for him to hopefully fit him when he is about 6 months old. It took a while to learn the basics and get the tension right. Here are my progress shots.

After quite a few attempts something clicked and I just got it. At this point I had no idea how the pattern would work. It was so cool watching it come together.

Learning to Bind Off. I love binding off, it is my favourite part of knitting. I love how the loops all perfectly join together in a gorgeous rounded neat edge.

After binding off the arms it all started to come together.

Then I got to the cable section and wasn’t sure if I should skip that part. I was nervous over being able to cable knit and whether it would suit a baby boy.
Thanks to some gorgeous friends I got up just enough courage to jump feet first into it and I was pleasantly surprised. Cable knitting wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be and was actually fun (I’ve never imagined myself as someone who would think knitting was fun).

This section was quite repetitive which I found relaxing. Seeing the cable come together was very rewarding.

It didn’t take long to finish that section and knit the final bind off. Then all I had to do was finish the loose ends off. Which in some places helped to make the vest stronger. Here is the detail in the arm section and below is the finished product.



Squishy is going to look so cute in his Milo vest.

Yes! I can knit.


See I can knit!
I am currently making a little Milo vest.
I think it will look really cute.

After lots of frogging (pulling it apart rippit rippit rippit, get it?😉) I have completed the first part of the pattern.

I am proud.

Thanks Meg for all your help and answering 50 billion questions (I’m am about to try to get my head around the next round so brace yourself). Xxx