Oh how life has changed…

Once upon a time, there was a party animal. At 12pm on a Friday night she would find herself out drinking with friends. The night was young and so was she…

Now this party animal has traded in her party shoes for warm, worm uggies.
Make up for clear, tired skin.
Vodka raspberries and Yager bombs, for water and tea!

Tonight she was tucking her baby in at 9pm with plans of a big night… knitting and watching her favourite shows with her man. At 9pm he was calming their big boy and trying to convince him to sleep. Well those big plans sure changed.

At 11:30pm she woke from a strange yet scarily realistic dream where she was in a car accident and lost her arm. Oh how she panicked when she couldn’t feel her arm! It took her a while to realise that she still had her arm. That the strange feeling was because had fallen asleep in the baby’s toddler bed. From the snores, he too had fallen asleep, in the big boys bed. She impatiently willed the feeling to come back into her numb arm so she could regain control of it and quietly sneak out.

After successfully escaping the sleeping baby she decided to wake her man. The process of waking the him triggered the baby to stir. In a sneaky mad dash they exited the room and breathed a loud sigh of relief, only to be greeted by the STARVING cat who couldn’t possibly live without being fed NOW. Said cat vocalised her utter annoyance over having to wait for food.

He made himself a drink and wandered off to bed as she fed the cat. Just as she was about to get herself a drink and follow suit there was a mighty thump and then a scream. The baby had fallen out of bed. She went back to calm, soothe and resettle him.

That is how she found herself blogging, tired beyond belief but strangely unable to sleep at 12:20am.

Yes how life has changed! 😉

Thermomix blog list – For later

As you all know I am obsessed with Thermomix machines and learning. So instead of annoying Marty by sending constant email links his way I’ve decided to blog them.

First on my list is this hints and tips page


This link is for converting favourite recipes http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com.au/2010/10/converting-recipes-for-thermomix.html?m=1

More tips – one on overflowing