Three Ring Circus

Please try and imagine that you have 7 hungry kids to feed… I certainly can’t.
Imagine that when you are feeding those 7 kids you have to consider that they have special dietary needs. Doesn’t sound easy does it!

Now please add their stories into the picture…

Three Ring Circus.

I’m thinking all of this is far from a walk in the park!

Bare with me…

By now most of you would know that I am totally obsessed with the idea/dream of owning a thermomix. You might also know that I love a good cause; a way I can help others have a better quality of life. Well today one of my lovely friends posted a link on her facebook page with this message

“For Facebook friends who know Tiff – so far we have raised $830 – nearly half way towards the purchase of the Thermomix for Tiff and her family.

Your donation can be made securely following the link bellow. We will give you regular updates on how we are going reaching our goal of $2000 ( cost of thermomix is $1939 , plus PayPal fees ). Thank you.”

I saw the post and wondered what her post was about so I sent her a message asking her if the post was for a good cause. My lovely friend took the time to send me some links and share Tiff’s story, and what a story to share.

Tiff is an amazing woman who has so much on her plate. She is much more than ‘just a stay at home mum’ to 7. Please if you haven’t clicked on the previous link click on this one and read her story.

Her friends are raising money to buy her a thermomix because Tiff definitely could do with one. It would save her so much time, money and truly make everyday life much easier for her and her family.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could please help by either donating to the cause or sharing this post.

Donations can be safely made here.

Every cent counts,

Farewell my friend

Yesterday my little family and I went to farewell our beautiful friend Rachael.
Her service was a great tribute to the wonderful and inspirational woman she was. I have every faith that she is now sitting back, wearing her comfortable Pjs, pain free watching down on us all.

Life is precious and short. It is times like these that you reflect and realise how important it is to really make a difference. To make each day count and to always tell your friends and loved ones how much you care.

Rachael asked us all to donate to Breast Cancer Network Australia so that hopefully others wouldn’t go through what she went through. Please check out this wonderful cause and if you can donate please do, every bit helps.

Rachael, I wore pink for you yesterday my gorgeous friend. After your service we sat by the sea and talked about you and life. You will never be forgotten. We were truly blessed to call you our friend. Rest in peace, I’ll be seeing you. xx