Cherry Blossom Walk

Decided to get out for some more sunshine today. We are loving our adventures during the school holidays. 

There are so many beautiful blossoms out. 

 We even got to see a beautiful family of ducks. We sat on the bank for ages just watching them.   

So beautiful. 

Do I look skanky?

Okay so my tip of the day is ‘never ask a frazzled mum a question you clearly don’t want to be answered truthfully’…

So, after the worst stomach bug ever, C and I ducked into Bowral for supplies today. After the quickest, too scared to touch anything shop I was stopped in the car park by a 25-30something year old female to be asked…

“Do I look skanky in this outfit? My friend says I do”

Hmmm… Picture this. Knee high lace up boots, super short bright red skirt white, tight, see through singlet no bra…

What else could I say but…

“Is that the look you are going for?”

Apparently that was the wrong answer… 😉

Tulip Time Fun in Bowral

On the weekend we went to Bowral and checked out the Tulip Time Garden and played with our new camera (Canon 650D).

We decided to have a play around with our 55-250MM Lens with a Hoya Polarizing Filter. Here are some photos we took; the first 3 are mine and my awesome man took the last one.

The tulips were beautiful. Next year hopefully we will get to check out the tulip garden earlier. It was so nice to walk around the garden with our little family and see all the other families enjoying the sun shine. It was such a beautiful day in the Southern Highlands.



Today I am grateful for… (7/10/12)

Today I am grateful for…

*Marty – taking charge and doing loads of washing. What a man!

*Tulip time – we had a wonderful day strolling around the tulip time garden in Bowral. So pretty!

*Bicarb and Vinegar – the cooking supplies that work a treat when I forget to buy cleaning supplies.

A touch of Tea

We came across A touch of Tea on our way home from shopping at Bowral Woolies. My gorgeous man pointed it out and I not so patiently waited until Saturday to check it out.

Inside the walls were lined with everything anyone would need to have the perfect cup of tea. There were beautiful tea pots, mesh balls and tea cups everywhere. Teas of all flavours were on display in cute little sealed glass sample pots. It was nice to see what the leaves looked and smelt like before buying them.

There were so many teas to choose from. We ended up buying a Chocolate Chai, Earl Grey Green Tea and a small bag of Cold & Flu Allergy Aid. The whole time we were walking around the shop the shop keeper was watching us and our reactions to the different teas. At first I thought it was because we had Jumping Jake with us but we were surprised at the end to receive 2 free tea samples (Marco Polo & Ginger Green Tea) perfectly matched to our tastes.

If you love tea and find yourself in Bowral visiting A touch if Tea is a must 🙂