I have always loved reading.
There is nothing like picking up a book and immersing yourself in another world. A world where you are merely a bystander. Where you can just look on and watch as someone else’s story unfolds. Where you can use your imagination as the characters world unfolds.

I don’t get much time to read these days… I don’t really have much time for me. I think every parent understands what I mean. Before I became a parent I thought that my life was busy. I so didn’t know what busy was and boy was I surprised to work that one out ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I do get time I love to get out my kindle and just read.

I have the keyboard kindle and a hot pink Kindle case which my man bought me. Every time I use it I find myself thinking how truly awesome it is. The other day I was asked what type of books I like and I honestly couldn’t say. I seriously like a bit of everything, kind of like my music taste, it varies depending on my mood and what is happening in my life. Lately I have been favouring modern chick lit (aka trashy rom com books). You know the ones you can pick up and just read. You don’t really need your brain, they don’t really toy with your emotions, they don’t stir up repressed feelings or make you dwell on bad/sad things that are happening around the world. Children don’t get hurt and the family pet rarely dies. If cancer is bought up it is usually lightly touched on and it doesn’t really make you dwell on what is lost. You can just giggle along and cringe when the overly sickening soppy bits happen. I find these style of books a quick read which is much easier to do when you have a toddler and baby.

I have signed up to an awesome blog called Pixel of Inkย and if you have a kindle I suggest you do too. I get an email everyday with a list of free and/or bargain books available to download straight onto my kindle. You can’t get any easier than that ๐Ÿ™‚
From time to time I think I might post about a book I am/just finished reading. Currently I am trying to finish Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.