Vegetable Delivery Day

We love getting our vegetables and free range eggs delivered. Not only do we get to support a local business (Village Vegies) we can trust that our produce is fresh and mostly sourced from either local farmers and Australian farmers (sometimes, but not often, from NZ too).

For $35 we get pretty much all the fresh fruit and veg that we need in a week.

Thursday is our delivery day which makes it our favourite week day. I never grow tired of seeing the excitement on our boys faces. They love helping me unpack the box, telling me what each item is called and learning the names of what they haven’t seen before.

Each delivery is a new challenge. I base my meal plan around the contents of the box. It encourages us to eat more fresh fruit and Vegies. The most amazing benefit is our children have started eating more vegetables. Previously they were really fussy and refused to eat quite a few vegetables but now that they are learning more about the food they eat they are more willing to try everything.

In today’s delivery we got a wonderful bunch of celery. It is now chopped up in snack sized pieces just waiting to be crunched and munched on.


Berrima Playground

On the weekend my family, and I went to check out the awesome playground in Berrima after my friend Candy (from Candy’s Family) recommended it.
We were not disappointed.

The park in Berrima was designed to blend into the historic buildings of Berrima. It has an awesome adventure castle complete with a spiral slide and fireman’s pole.



I love swings so when I saw this amazing nest swing I was like a kid in a Candy shop. I stood in line so that I the kids could have a go. Jake was a massive fan but Charlie wasn’t 100% keen.

Another impressive feature of the playground is the flying fox. 25m of pure fun.

We can’t wait to go back. I can see many weekends spent picnicking at this playground.