12wbt success

So today is weigh in Wednesday and I can happily share that I am 100g off my goal weight!

I am pleasantly surprised that I have gone so well and have achieved my goal already.

The 12wbt life style change hasn’t been hard at all. The food is fantastic and so easy to make.

For non-dieters like me or those struggling to lose weight I strongly recommend you try the 12wbt.


Now I am almost, at my goal I am going to reassess and plan where to go next.


12wbt – almost there!

I just wanted to quickly update my blog to say I am almost there. I have almost reached my goal weight. Although I haven’t been exercising, must work on that 😉

I am still loving the 12wbt food but craving a big slice of banoffee pie or chocolate mudcake.


I really want to try this recipe one day (the photo is from the blog)

Morning walk

Today we had a first world problem… We ran out of coffee.
Instead of hopping in Kermit (my car) and ducking down to the shops I decided to move my butt, to JFDI and walk down to the shops.

Charlie and I went on our first adventure. I chose to take our pram over the ergo and regretted it the whole way to and from. There are no paths in our street. The choice is to walk on the road or bump along the roadside.

Anyway we did it. We headed out in the beautiful southern highlands sun. We got coffee and drooled over the canon camera of my dreams and returned home.

2.5km walk done and dusted.

Let’s hope I can convince myself to do it again soon.

P.s. still loving the 12wbt ‘diet’

Loving the 12wbt

I am seriously loving the 12wbt challenge.

I have never really dieted before. Diets have always seemed restrictive and boring… Until the 12wbt!

The food is absolutely wonderful. So healthy, balanced and just so YUMMY! It doesn’t really feel like a diet… More just a preplanned meal guide.

Mish’s ‘diet’ encourages and inspires me to be more organised. To shop in advance. To really JFDI.

Although the shopping seems expensive at the checkout, we have found that it is actually cheaper than how we were living. Less trips to the checkout means less chance of buying junk and less $$$ spent.

Did I mention how awesome the food is?

I changed my mind…

I know I said that I wasn’t going to follow a particular diet, well guess what… I changed my mind!

On Thursday I signed up for round 3 of Michelle Bridges 12wbt challenge and it kicked off today. I am excited by the food but not so much trying to fit the exercise in.

I had no idea what my goal weight should be because I really can’t remember what it was like to weigh less than I do now. I don’t know how much I weighed at my goal size. So for the purpose of needing to set a goal I have plucked 7kg out of the air.

Please wish me luck.

(Today’s delicious lunch – Roast capsicum and tomato sandwich)