Homemade Kale Chips

Once upon a time the thought of Kale Chips would have sent me running.
Since becoming interested in healthy living, I have been obsessed with changing my life for the better and trying new foods. After I saw Kale in my local health food shop I have to admit I was intrigued. As you can probably guess, the minute I walked in the door I jumped on my iPad and spent the next 30 mins learning all about Kale and how I could use it.

Some time later, armed with knowledge, I found myself at my local Harris Farm staring at a bunch of organic Kale.


I couldn’t possible leave without buying it. When I got home I asked Marty whether he would prefer to drink or eat his Kale, he suggested making Kale chips. After a little more research, washing, drying, chopping, lightly coating it in olive oil and seasoning, I popped my first batch in the oven. Like with most batch baking, I burnt the first batch.

Then every batch after that turned out perfect and surprisingly super delicious.

Definitely worth trying 😉


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