I Have a Daughter With Intense Emotions

As someone who parents a child who has ‘intense emotions’ I found this a great and insightful read.

Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

Intense Emotions - Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

I have a daughter with intense emotions…

Over the past few months, I realise I have blogged numerous times about dealing with my emotional toddler. As I find myself sitting here yet again blogging about this difficult topic, I wonder whether anything has changed. I have done all I have said over the months to try to allow emotions, acknowledge them and provide comfort from them but in the past few weeks I have been once again frequently supporting my eldest daughter (2.5 years) through some pretty extreme emotions. It has been consuming my thoughts and my life as I have struggled to cope with her regular outbursts.

As usual it has been my youngest daughter,  Penny (18 months), who has been on the receiving end of much of Lucy’s pent-up anger and frustration and I have had to be constantly mindful, switched on and at-the-ready whenever both girls are up and about (which is for most of the day)…

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