I have a food processor!

I have been dreaming of a Thermomix for years and just making do with my limited kitchen appliances in the hope of magically one day being able to afford one. Something always comes up… anyway I digress.

For a very early birthday present my wonderful mother bought me a large and totally awesome food processor. It arrived on Friday and I have been dying to post about it ever since. 


It is a Phillips Jamie Oliver 1000W. It has a 3.4 L bowl and 8 different accessories so that you can slice, beat, juice, knead, chop, cream, crumble, cut, fold, mash and mince. I am loving it. 

So far I have used it to make orange juice, pure banana ice-cream, CADA, breakfast bread, crispy garlic chicken strips, salad, cocktails, butter, chocolate buttermilk muffins, creamy cauliflower pasta sauce and beef burger patties.


Thanks Mum. 🙂


One thought on “I have a food processor!

  1. […] warm water in a bowl and placed them on our coffee machines the mug warmer for 5 mins. Using my new food processor and the dough blade I mixed the flour, salt, olive oil and yeast mix together to make the bread […]

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