So today is R U OK day.

Please today have a good think. Assess yourself. R U Ok?
Really truly okay? 

I want you to know that whenever I ask this I am asking out of genuine care. I do care about your answer and if you aren’t okay I have strong shoulders and I promise to really listen to you. I am here for you but if you don’t want to chat to me or a loved one, there are plenty of caring people to listen. Here is a list of trained people you can turn to.

As with any other day I think it is important to ask your friends, family and even a stranger if they are okay. Image
A little kindness and caring goes a long way. I would also like to encourage you ask when you have time to listen to the answer, over a cup of tea or even over the phone when you aren’t distracted. Make it a genuine question, if you need help knowing what to say here are some tips. I know before when I haven’t been okay people have asked me but they didn’t seem genuine. It left me thinking ‘would you even care if I said no’. When people are at their lowest point or just feeling really down they often feel alone, like others don’t care, ashamed and they may even don’t want to burden others. These are all natural responses to depression. Depression is still a very taboo subject.

The aim of today is to genuinely help those you care about. To make people really think about how they are feeling and encourage everyone to open up, share those feelings and seek help when it is needed.

Please get on board. If you are feeling depressed please open up to someone, anyone. You deserve to feel happy and you are important.
I love this quote.
Take care. xxx


2 thoughts on “R U OK?

  1. Kathryn says:

    Great blog! I did it interesting hat my friends call me when they are down etc but when it’s vice versa they are either too busy or distracted or Change the subject back to them. People need to be more aware of what’s found on around them!! 😄

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