Why I’d Never Put My Baby In A Baby Bjorn Carrier

I love my Ergo 🙂

Megganmamma's Blog

I came so close to buying a Baby Bjorn baby carrier. Another mum had shown me hers and told me how easy it was to clip on and off.  It looked great … and seemed easy to use.  What mum isn’t drawn to something practical that could make her life easier?  But then, a few days later, a friend of mine sent me an article about all the baby related things which a chiropractor was recommending you don’t put your baby in.  It included things like jolly jumpers, baby walkers … and the Baby Bjorn carrier.

A week later I heard Family Chiropractor, Dr Vanessa Harrington give a public talk about baby carriers.  Part of her presentation included the  diagrams below showing which style of baby carriers could cause hip dislocation in your baby (left) and which style of carrier is safe for your baby’s developing hips (right).  Arg!  What mum wouldn’t want to avoid that!  Of course they’re…

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