I woke up this morning…

Life truly knows how to throw some tough times at you but thankfully for me there is always something that gives me a positive boot in the right direction. I would like to think that I have always been quite a positive person. Looking for all the positives in life because the negative too often drags you down.


I woke up this morning after finally getting a great night sleep.

I wish I just meant that I woke up… Lately I have been feeling like I am permanently followed by a mysterious fog. Sometimes this fog is pretty dark and hard to see through but sometimes like today it is more opaque. 

I am doing okay. 🙂

I worry about finances and about whether or not I am teaching my kids enough. I try not to burden my loved ones with my stress and worries.

I stress a lot. About EVERYTHING! From the minute I wake in the morning to the minute I go to sleep. I worry about the world, about my entire family (My boys, my man, my parents and my siblings, my sister-in-law and my gorgeous nephew), about my friends but that is just me. I am aware of this character trait and try my hardest to not get too caught up in worrying that I forget to really live life. 

It is normal to worry.
It is normal to have ups and downs as the world throws you good times and bad times. If you ever need me for anything I am here. I know many of my friends are facing tough and very dark times. I know many struggle each day with depression, diagnosed or just silently.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Please don’t feel you have to hide your sadness from me. Sharing your sadness is important. No one should ever have to go through depression alone. Everyone deserves great happiness. 


We all face different battles in life. As a mum I know it is hard to find the time to look after yourself, I think though that the sadder you feel the more important looking after yourself is. Once upon a time I was that person who never had a hair out of place, always had nice clothes, perfect makeup and the right accessories. Now my hair is often wild, I don’t even own foundation and my accessories are packed away in a box, somewhere… Lately I have been trying to change this. Nothing really boosts my day like attacking it head on with a clean face and a delicate spray of perfume. 🙂 

I have also been trying to approach life with an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Focusing on what I am lucky to have rather than what I don’t have.

I also spend a lot of time reading inspirational quotes to ground myself and refocus my energies. These are a few of my favourites.
Just breathe… 

If you are feeling down please do something for you. To make you feel better about yourself. 

Remember I am always here for you.


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