Oh to be young again…

I have 2 very cheeky boys.
They love to laugh and find humour in every situation, even when it is inappropriate to do so. Most of all they love to make each other laugh, especially when one is pushing the boundaries. I love nothing more than hearing them laugh, play and look after each other. The bond they have is amazing although like most siblings their friendship can swing the other way.

So far today has been a good day, filled with laughter and pure cheekiness.

I often look at them and wish that for just a day I could be young and carefree again. Only for a moment because then I remember that the whole growing up thing is tough and I imagine it is much harder now that social media has such a massive impact… Anyway that is an entirely different ramble.

Can you imagine what it would be like to not have to worry about the big things again? A time before work and financial stress, complex human relationships and office politics. A time where there wasn’t someone or an organisation requiring more from you than they give you in return. I know a few friends of mine have been thinking about such times. Being an adult sure can be tough. I find that on days like today I am very grateful for the little hugs, kisses and big laughter that my little family share with me.


4 thoughts on “Oh to be young again…

  1. bookofmohs says:

    A time before stress? don’t I know it.. Wish I could go back there for even a short time, how wonderful 🙂

  2. lozrobnoah says:

    I love to dream that too Danni. A time when the days mean loads of play, laughter & naps. Since little man came along I dream it far more often. Having kids is a great reminder of a time when life was for more innocent & unknown.
    But I agree it must be harder to grow up now too & am not looking forward to the times when our little boys are teenagers. How can we keep the innocence for as long as possible?
    Lovely post hun. Relish these moments Xxx

    • Danni says:

      It is worrying just thinking about what our little ones will face in life. I wish I could carry all the bad on my shoulders, wrap my arms around them and shelter them from the nasty aspects of life.
      I am thinking that by relishing in the moment, building up their confidence, playing with them and making life fun sure would help to keep them innocent. xxx

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