Attention spammers: I am Danni; Hear me ROAR!

20130802-131303.jpg (image source)
Here is a tip for those who try and drum up business by going to blogs and telling people they are not tagging correctly, not ‘targeting the correct audience’ or anything similar to that.

Negativity will get you nowhere with me. It is not welcome on my page so please just back off. If I see your posts I will just delete them so don’t waste your time ‘targeting’ me. I have been getting LOTS of very rude comments on my blog and I have had enough.

Maybe in future you could just say to people “Hey I am X and I specialise in helping bloggers to get more traffic on their page. I can see I few ways I could help you so if you are interested please contact me at *insert email here*.”

I want my blog to be a positive place where people to come to read what is happening in my life, to see what I am creating, to hopefully be inspired and motivated. I set this blog up to share my favourite links, recipes and activities that I do with my children. This is an open journal of sorts. This is me. I write what is on my mind and straight from the heart. My blog isn’t perfect but neither am I. I am not selling anything or profiting in anyway. Anyone is welcome to join in my journey by offering links, ideas, tips, suggestions, support and basically anything related to my posts that will benefit myself or those reading my blog.

On that note I am off to create a play-dough masterpiece with my little men.

Peace and positivity. May you have a nice day =D


8 thoughts on “Attention spammers: I am Danni; Hear me ROAR!

  1. Louisa Blue says:

    What the @uck? People who go around spamming their negativity all over the world wide web really do need to get a life.

  2. Lozzy B says:

    You go girl!!!!

  3. ARGH I think they do it to every blog they see. It’s so annoying !

  4. Bec says:

    You tell em’ Danni!

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