How to Crochet a Granny Square: Round 2 (and beyond)

This is where you should have ended after following round 1.


To start round 2 make 3 chains.


Make a yarn over and poke your crochet hook through the hole below the chain you just made.


Hook the yarn and pull it back through the hole to start the first double crochet.


Complete 2 double crochets. You should now have 1 set of chains and 2 double crochets.


To move across make a chain then double crochet into the next hole along. You will need to do 3 double crochets on this edge.


Just like in round 1 you will need to make 2 chains to form the corner. Complete 3 double crochets to fill the hole in that corner. You will then need to make one chain to jump the gap so that you can double crochet in the next corner. Keep following this pattern until you get back to the start of the round. Once again end with one chain before you join the round. Like you did in the first round end with a single crochet by locating the third chain stitch and poking your crochet hook through it


Hooking the yarn and pulling it back through to close the round (single crochet).


Continue repeating this basic pattern in each round.

– To start a round make 3 chains upwards then 2 double crochets for the first hole
– one chain to jump every gap
– 3 double crochet increases across every hole (the more rounds you crochet the more holes to fill)
– 2 chains to turn a corner
– one chain and a single crochet to join the round.

Keep doing all these steps until you end up with a granny square in the size of your choosing.
Make sure you always increase by starting with the 3 chains, shown below.


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