Breastfeeding in public

I am Danni and I breastfeed.
Yep you read that right.
I breastfeed and I’m proud.
It has not been easy, at times it has been down right hard!
My baby is 16months old now and sometimes he gets thirsty and needs a feed.

If you see me in public do not tell me what I am doing is wrong.
Don’t look at me with those judgmental eyes that so obviously say you disapprove.
Don’t even mention to me that I should give my child a bottle.

I have done my research and made my choice.
If you want to bottle feed I will not judge you. I will not criticize you and tell you what you are doing is wrong.
I will support you. You are feeding your baby.
You didn’t breastfeed so what.
Feed your baby whenever and wherever and I am happy.
If you starve your baby then you are a bad parent!

If you happen to work in radio, tv or anywhere in the public eye and say anything unsupportive then please be aware of how much you are affecting others. Maybe take a second to think about who your target audience is. Maybe even take into consideration the challenges they face and how your unsupportive words will make their everyday life harder. You have the power to put a stop to the great division between mothers who breastfeed and bottle feed. There is enough shit to face everyday without adding the judgmental beliefs of others…
Just saying!


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in public

  1. Leah says:

    I love this! Breastfeeding is so normal. You will see me around these parts breastfeeding my two and half year old too!

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