Reindeer cupcakes for Jake’s last day

We’ve had our big boy in family daycare this year and it was the best experience ever for him.
He was lucky enough to be placed in the care of a truly wonderful woman. Never before have I met such a generous person. She has spoilt our boy all year with little surprises, never ending supply of cheese sticks and affection.
Our big boy can be quite a cheeky, energetic, stubborn handful so sending him off to daycare was a nerve racking experience. We were very happy when he fit in and to know that despite his energy and mischievous side that Jan loved having him.
Thanks again Jan. We truly appreciate everything you have done, not just for Jake but our whole family.
Since today is his last day I sent some reindeer cupcakes with him. I got the decoration ideas from some awesome reindeer biscuits my sister made last year but tweaked the recipes a bit to make it safer for the little ones.


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