Dance like no one is watching…

Spring is in the air in the Southern Highlands!
Today is quite overcast but the smell of spring is in the air. So is the sound of P!nk and laughter… Not all of it mine.

Today I took some advice from one of my favourite quotes. I cranked up P!nk and danced like no one was watching. Putting my very best effort in, using up all my energy stores, I gave it all I had. Nothing beats dancing around while cleaning the house.

Mid move I glanced outside to the construction site next door and caught a construction worker smiling. Wondering what he might be smiling about I kept dancing… Something made me look out again, and then die of embarrassment.

Turns out he could see me boogying on down!!! Yep I caused the smile on that blokes face.


Hope everyone is having a great day. That something triggers a smile today and a great big belly laugh.
Take care and keep smiling xxx

P.s now that he has gone home I’m off to dance some more.


One thought on “Dance like no one is watching…

  1. Bec says:

    I think that’s awesome! You made someone smile – that is pretty awesome! keep dancing!

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