12wbt success

So today is weigh in Wednesday and I can happily share that I am 100g off my goal weight!

I am pleasantly surprised that I have gone so well and have achieved my goal already.

The 12wbt life style change hasn’t been hard at all. The food is fantastic and so easy to make.

For non-dieters like me or those struggling to lose weight I strongly recommend you try the 12wbt.


Now I am almost, at my goal I am going to reassess and plan where to go next.



Cheeky boy

Charlie disappeared today. All was much too quiet so I went looking for him. Thankfully one can’t get lost in my house and I quickly located him in Jake’s room.

When I walked into the room I asked him what he was up to.

He turned to face me with a massive grin on his face, said ‘hello’ and then turned back to what he was doing.

Cheeky boy!
There were only 2 tissues left in the box.


Dance like no one is watching…

Spring is in the air in the Southern Highlands!
Today is quite overcast but the smell of spring is in the air. So is the sound of P!nk and laughter… Not all of it mine.

Today I took some advice from one of my favourite quotes. I cranked up P!nk and danced like no one was watching. Putting my very best effort in, using up all my energy stores, I gave it all I had. Nothing beats dancing around while cleaning the house.

Mid move I glanced outside to the construction site next door and caught a construction worker smiling. Wondering what he might be smiling about I kept dancing… Something made me look out again, and then die of embarrassment.

Turns out he could see me boogying on down!!! Yep I caused the smile on that blokes face.


Hope everyone is having a great day. That something triggers a smile today and a great big belly laugh.
Take care and keep smiling xxx

P.s now that he has gone home I’m off to dance some more.

Yesterday I was grateful for… (9/10/12)

Yesterday I was grateful for…

*My Neighbours – they have been giving us vegetables from their garden. Yesterday it was fresh spinach.

*Allison – her gift of eggs and just being such a beautiful caring friend. I really appreciate you lovely.

*Chocolate – I found some chocolate stashed in the cupboard.


On Friday my friend Alina and I went to Featherdale Wildlife Park.
It was a stinking hot and very windy day. The poor animals were feeling the 38 degree heat just as much as we were.
We had a great day walking around Featherdale looking at all the animals.
When we went into the kids farmyard animal section a inquisitive goat came over to greet us. This totally freaked me out, he looked like he wanted to eat my pram! I bought Jake a little ice-cream cone full of food but as the goat came over poor little Jake freaked out and threw it all on the floor. =D

Featherdale is a great place to take young children but over the hotter month I definitely recommend going early in the morning.

Here are the photos I took.





I got to pat this cute Koala. Jake wasn’t keen on patting him though.



The kids were so cute holding hands and looking after each other without us even asking them to.Image

Tulip Time Fun in Bowral

On the weekend we went to Bowral and checked out the Tulip Time Garden and played with our new camera (Canon 650D).

We decided to have a play around with our 55-250MM Lens with a Hoya Polarizing Filter. Here are some photos we took; the first 3 are mine and my awesome man took the last one.

The tulips were beautiful. Next year hopefully we will get to check out the tulip garden earlier. It was so nice to walk around the garden with our little family and see all the other families enjoying the sun shine. It was such a beautiful day in the Southern Highlands.