Letter to an Angel

Dear Connor James – CJ Boots

You were nicknamed boots before you even entered this world,
Such a symbolic nickname…

We shared your Mummy’s pregnancy,
We sat on the edge of our seat when your mummy went into hospital,
We eagerly waited for the news of your birth.
We looked at your first photos with love and pure happiness.
We followed your every move as your mum shared all your firsts, your triumphs and struggles.
We got to know your strength, cheekiness and just general happy attitude. Your boots left imprints on all our hearts forever as we fell in love with your gorgeous smile.

Yesterday you peacefully went and joined the other angels in the sky.
Much too soon.
You will be missed little man.
Many tears have been shed today as we all read the news and think of you and your family.

You are loved by all of us. What a blessing to us all. We are all sending your Mummy and Daddy massive hugs full of love and strength…

Connor, thank you for touching our lives, you will never be forgotten.
RIP Little One.

With love




5 thoughts on “Letter to an Angel

  1. Brooke Imrie says:

    Oh Danni, beautiful words. You have started me crying all over again.

  2. Amanda Nicholls says:

    That is so beautiful Danni. So true.
    RIP darling boy – always in my heart xoxox

  3. denise hertroijs says:

    Beautiful Danni x This made me cry!

  4. Trish MLDB says:

    A beautiful letter Danni. It is just so tragic to lose a child xox his parents will need endless support and people to speak Connor’s name .

    • Danni says:

      Thanks for reading it Trish.
      I am happy to say our due in group is rallying together and trying to help as much as we can.
      You are right no one should have to go through what Ally and Matt have been through.
      My friend and I had a dedication ceremony yesterday for little Connor. We released some blue and orange balloons at the same time as he was laid to rest. I will post some photos on my blog later.
      May he RIP xxx

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