R U OK ?


I don’t think that I ask my friends and family this enough.
So with all my heart, love and support I want to take this moment to say

I care
I am here for you (anywhere, anytime, anyway)
I am OK

Are YOU?

I know many of my friends and loved ones battle depression, probably more than I am fully aware of. I have been through times of darkness and with the love and support of my friends and family I am now OK. I might not always be OK, so if you are ever worried please don’t hesitate to ask as I promise to always ask you.

Even if I do not ask I care, feel free to talk to me by email, text, Facebook PM or just by picking up that phone. Any time of day. You are important to me. Your happiness matters.

If I (or anyone else) ask it is okay to answer honestly and share as much as you can.
It is hard.
Please don’t live in darkness, alone.

Today is RUOK Day, so if there is anyone out there who you are worried about please don’t hesitate to ask.
Here is a link to the RUOK website for more information.
It has great resources on understanding depression, how to ask RUOK?, how to say I am not OK, how to get help if you need it and there are even inspirational stories.

It is a great website and organisation so please check it out.



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