Day 2

So it is day 2 and so far the food has been just awesome!

Tried to do the exercise plan today and it smashed me! That will teach me for not exercising (last trip to the gym was in July 08!).

I really tried my best though. Pushups proved impossible! Baby steps, baby steps…

This was my naughty morning tea snack.



I changed my mind…

I know I said that I wasn’t going to follow a particular diet, well guess what… I changed my mind!

On Thursday I signed up for round 3 of Michelle Bridges 12wbt challenge and it kicked off today. I am excited by the food but not so much trying to fit the exercise in.

I had no idea what my goal weight should be because I really can’t remember what it was like to weigh less than I do now. I don’t know how much I weighed at my goal size. So for the purpose of needing to set a goal I have plucked 7kg out of the air.

Please wish me luck.

(Today’s delicious lunch – Roast capsicum and tomato sandwich)

Spring Solutions

They say that you should never make weight loss a new years resolution. That is why I have decided to make a ‘spring solution’ to my life by springing into spring.

Corny I know…

I just had a shower and as I was drying myself I caught me reflection out of the corner of my eye. For a year I have made a point of only glancing at the mirror when I really had to. Today I actually looked into the mirror and decided that enough is enough.

So as of Tuesday the 4th of September I am going to put my best foot forward (my littlest man turns 1 on the 3rd and there will be cake and other delicious foods consumed). My final goal is to fit into my favourite jeans. At this point I am not going to set a time frame or follow a ‘diet’. I am just going to have a healthy life change through eating healthy and hopefully getting fit.

I’m thinking of using the C25K app along with dancing around the lounge room. When we made the move to The Southern Highlands we vowed to get healthier. To do more outside and explore this beautiful area. So far the cold has kept us indoors but with spring fast approaching our plan is to get out and about. Since we are new to the area and keen to explore if you know any beautiful places to visit or activities to do please suggest them to us.

One day I might be brave enough to show pics of my journey.

Until next time. Xxx

Romantic dinner for two


Last night my awesome man cooked me a romantic meal to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We normally eat as a family but the children were in bed before we ate last night.

Bubbly wine, candles and chicken stuffed with Camembert cheese, basil & cashew dip and wrapped with prosciutto served with honey glazed baby carrots and baby asparagus.

It was a lovely night. Thank you and Happy Anniversary Marty.

How lucky am I!

Drawing with cars

The above post was made by Rudy and the dodo I love love love this idea. Simple but fun.
We will be definitely be trying this one out. Mr J. will love it.

rudy and the dodo

We have been having lots of fun with this terribly simple idea this week.  Simply tape texta pens, pencils or crayons to your favourite vehicles and get driving around a sheet of paper.

This idea was sure to be a winner in our household combining the boys love for cars and my love for drawing!

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Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake with a raspberry twist

So not long ago I tried Not Quite Nigella’s 5 minute chocolate mug cake and it was just perfect for a quick, naughty and definitely indulgent afternoon pick me up.

Today I tried it again but threw in some frozen raspberries for that little extra ‘fresh’ touch.

Raspberries make it a healthy snack… Right? 😉