Making packing easier

When trying to organise boxes to pack our belonging up my friend suggested that we use candy stripe bags for clothing and linen. So yesterday we went to our local ‘$2’ shop and bought 6 bags for packing all our linen.

We found it is amazingly easy to fill candy stripe bags and had to go back for more today.
Such a great tip though.

They also work well for stuffed toys, decorative cushions and pillows. Just don’t forget to label them with what is inside. 🙂


House Dramas

About a month ago we got a letter in the mail saying that the owners of our house need us to move out so they can renovate to sell. Thankfully they gave us 90 days to vacate. You might be thinking that 90 days is plenty of time to find a new place and move. Anyone who has dealt with the current Sydney rental market would know that this is not an easy task! For everyone one rental open house there are at least 10 different family/couple groups fighting for a house.

After searching our local area for an affordable, well priced house with no avail we decided to spread our wings and fly a little further South to the beautiful Southern Highlands.

In one phone call to an extremely lovely realestate agent we organised to be shown through 2 houses that looked perfect for our little family. On Thursday we cruised down the M5 to inspect the houses. We fell in love with the first house we looked at.

While eating Chinese and filling out our application we met a beautiful, generous old lady. This old lady fell in love with our wee baby boy and out of the kindness of her heart gave him a handmade penguin. He just loves it.


This gorgeous little penguin just proves that there are still kind people out there.
A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

It helped sell the move to us. Well that, the clean air and the beautiful country side.
Bring on change, our new house and a DISHWASHER!



Roast Pumpkin Soup

Tonight I made the yummiest roast pumpkin soup. I normally enjoy making a Thai pumpkin soup but it isn’t so child friendly.
Over the last couple of days I have looked at a few different pumpkin soup recipes and tonight I made my own up. I loved it so much that I thought I’d share.


1kg pumpkin
1 sweet potato
3 carrots
3 tsp garlic
Olive oil spray
Mixes Italian herbs
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1L chicken stock
Cup cream
Salt & pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven 230deg. Spray a baking tray lightly with olive oil. Cut pumpkin up and place on tray. Sprinkle with dried mixed herbs. Bake until tender.

2. Lightly spray soup pot with olive oil. Cut carrot and sweet potato finely and place in pot. Add garlic, cover pot and cook. Add chicken stock, cumin, nutmeg and pepper. Boil until veg is tender.

3. Add roast pumpkin to the pot. Cook away until vegetables are nice and tender.

4. Blend with stick blender and add cream. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy xx

Friday funny

So I bought Jake a toy vacuum cleaner early this year and he loves it. My only complaint (other than the fact it doesn’t actually suck dirt up) was that if you pushed the red on button it only stayed on for a little while before turning off.

Well today my little fix it man sat down and used the screw driver to take the batteries out. When I was helping him put them back in I noticed that the little on/off switch had a third setting. Turns out it has been on Demo mode all this time. No wonder it turns itself off!!!!!

Talk about life lessons, note to self always check the on/ off switch 😉