Mother’s Day

I know this is a late post (this is the first chance I have had to blog about it) but I just wanted to put it out there that I had the BEST Mother’s Day!

We live close to a beautiful botanic garden and try to picnic there as often as possible. It is always so lovely to make ourselves a little packed lunch and just head over for a relaxing lunch and then a nice stroll around the gardens. This is what Marty had planned for Mother’s Day but since we were all sick we decided to have a cheese platter picnic on our loungeroom floor. It was just lovely.


Throughout the day, I got loads of hugs and kisses. My big boy would randomly yell out “Happy Mummy’s Day Mummy, Love you more” and give me a hug. It was truly beautiful. He handed me a cute little present which he helped make at daycare for me. A sweet little poem with 2 photos of himself as well as 2 handprints. It melted my heart.

My gorgeous man was just the sweetest. Even though he was sick he treated me to coffee and chocolate, a cheese and biscuits platter, the latest true blood book and promised me that an extra surprise gift would arrive during the week for me.


Thank you Marty for such a special Mother’s Day. xx


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