Recorded messages

I am lucky enough to have a man who one day decided to get my son to record a good night message for me. Not only did I get the joy of watching my boy say good night to me and hear him tell me how much he loves me but I learnt the value of recorded messages.

I wasn’t away from home, I was just in the other room putting our baby to bed. I was worrying that because it was taking so long to get our baby to sleep I was going to miss out on saying good night to my big boy. This little message made my day.

Tonight my boys did sent me another good night message complete with my son saying ‘I love you more’ and blowing kisses. I took the time to record a little message back and the giggles I heard as he watched my message just melted my heart.

If you can record a message for your little one I say try it. You won’t regret the few moments it takes. 🙂

Marty and Jake, thank you for the beautiful things you do. I love you. Xx


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