Homemade Playdough

Last week I came across a blog post called ‘Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe‘ from Musings From a Stay at home mum and decided that I should throw out all Jake’s hard stinky store bought playdough and make him a batch of my own. I had previously only ever made playdough from the recipe which is on the side of the ‘cream of tartare’ packet. I did not like that it had a bit of a grainy texture. So after reading this playdough recipe blog post I just had to try this recipe.

I was pleasantly surprised and I can honestly say this playdough is the BEST playdough I have ever made and used. If you follow the link above you will be able to make it too. Here are some pics I took when Jake and I made our playdough. We made 2 batches which both came out beautiful and smooth.
*I did find that it is better to put the dye in as early as you can because it is quite hard to mix it evenly after the dough thickens.






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