Fizzy Fun


What you need:
– large flat washable container
– Bicarb soda
– vinegar
– food colouring
– eye/medicine droppers
– little containers
-*plastic table cloth

How to set it up:
Just sprinkle bicarb soda in the large flat container.
Poor vinegar into the small containers and add enough food colouring to colour the vinegar to the strength you want it. The stronger the colour the prettier the final outcome.
*In hindsight I would have use a plastic table cloth or layer of newspaper to protect the table

Then all you have to do is demonstrate to your little one how to use the eye/medicine dropper. I’m sure he/she will pick it up straight away.

After seeing this activity (little science experiment) on a facebook business page I just had to try it with my little man. It was definitely a success! It is a cheap and easy activity which your child will love. It helps with your little ones fine motor skills and gets them playing with colours.

Have fun!


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