Almost 3!


My big boy is almost 3, I can’t believe 3 years has disappeared in what sometimes feels like in a blink of an eye. Having said that sometimes each day has felt like it is NEVER ending…

To say I am proud of my little boy would be an understatement. While at times he tests us, he certainly is a beautiful strong willed yet affectionate boy. Over the last couple of months Jake has started going to daycare for two days a week. We were lucky enough to be recommended to an absolutely wonderful family daycare which he loves going to (thank you Jan for everything you do I’m sure he can be quite challenging at times). Daycare has given Jake the opportunity to make more friends and have lots of fun playing and learning with other little ones. It feels like he has grown up so much in the last couple of months.

Thank you Jake for filling our lives with love, hugs and laughter. We love you little man, you are our little miracle for which we are truly blessed to have. It has been a privilege to watch you grow, learn and develop into the gorgeous boy you are now. I can’t wait to celebrate your third birthday with you on Thursday.



3 thoughts on “Almost 3!

  1. Marty says:

    I seriously can’t believe on Thursday our little boy will be 3… I can barely remember a time without him, and yet it seems like it was just yesterday that he started walking.

    He has such a personality it seems like he’s a teen sometimes, yet looking at those photos it’s just amazing how quickly he has grown into the fun loving boy that he is…. whatever the consequence!

    Jake, we love you, we love your smile, we love that geeky giggle, and your enthusiasm to give everything a go in life. Get old, but never grow old.

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