So after over 5 years of being best friends, 4 years & 6 months of being together, 1 cat and 2 beautiful boys my man and I are engaged.

When friends and loved ones ask to see the rock I show them the above picture. Why you might ask?? Well in true Marty and Danni tradition we have decided to do things our way, not the most conventional way but that doesn’t change anything. Our relationship is and has always been based on love and an awesome connection. We just GET each other.

Marty over time has often asked me to marry him, I just giggled and replied not until you have a rock. Well he now does. πŸ™‚ In February this year I purchased the above engraved river stone from an etsy store. I was hoping it would arrive for Valentines Day but it didn’t quite make it in time so on the 18th of February I hoped down on one knee, presented Marty with the rock and asked him to marry me. I was hoping for a romantic, cute and humorous proposal.

It worked! He said YES. So now I get to say FiancΓ© instead of ‘partner’ or ‘boyfriend’. At 28 the term ‘boyfriend’ sounds so high school and given that we go by the names Marty and Danni the term ‘partner’ makes us sound like we are involved in a same sex relationship (not that I have anything against same sex relationships). πŸ™‚

We won’t be ringing the wedding bells anytime soon. After all one can’t rush into marriage. πŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Engaged

  1. CandysFamily says:

    Aw nice.
    Congratulations πŸ™‚

  2. Kim says:

    What an awesome love story you guys have! Congrats xx

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