Big Plans

For those of you who do not know my big boy he is absolutely gorgeous, so very energetic and cheeky. He also still sleeps in his cot at almost 3. We had planned on converting his bed into a toddler bed but he decided that he would prefer his bed not to be broken. SO we ‘fixed’ his bed and left him be. I think he would happily sleep in his cot forever but I want to ramp up the toilet training so he has to be able to actually get out of his bed when he needs to.

Our plans

After Jake turns 3 we are going to get him a big boy bed! Given that he is already tall for his age and his Daddy is tall we have decided to skip the single size bed and move him straight into a king single. We are hoping that this will last him until he leaves home (or we take pity on him and buy him a larger bed).

When Aunty Row visited and Jake was off playing with his daycare friends, we found the most adorable bedding set at ADAIRS called I am Robot. Aunty Row bought the doona cover (in the double bed size) and the robot pillow; I am dreaming of buying the sheets.

In 15 sleeps he will be 3!

Wish me luck.

P.s. Might be asking for bed time tips before you know it (I am CERTAIN this transition will be painful).


2 thoughts on “Big Plans

  1. mummyedgar says:

    I can’t believe he will be 3!

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