Homemade Playdough

Last week I came across a blog post called ‘Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe‘ from Musings From a Stay at home mum and decided that I should throw out all Jake’s hard stinky store bought playdough and make him a batch of my own. I had previously only ever made playdough from the recipe which is on the side of the ‘cream of tartare’ packet. I did not like that it had a bit of a grainy texture. So after reading this playdough recipe blog post I just had to try this recipe.

I was pleasantly surprised and I can honestly say this playdough is the BEST playdough I have ever made and used. If you follow the link above you will be able to make it too. Here are some pics I took when Jake and I made our playdough. We made 2 batches which both came out beautiful and smooth.
*I did find that it is better to put the dye in as early as you can because it is quite hard to mix it evenly after the dough thickens.






Fizzy Fun


What you need:
– large flat washable container
– Bicarb soda
– vinegar
– food colouring
– eye/medicine droppers
– little containers
-*plastic table cloth

How to set it up:
Just sprinkle bicarb soda in the large flat container.
Poor vinegar into the small containers and add enough food colouring to colour the vinegar to the strength you want it. The stronger the colour the prettier the final outcome.
*In hindsight I would have use a plastic table cloth or layer of newspaper to protect the table

Then all you have to do is demonstrate to your little one how to use the eye/medicine dropper. I’m sure he/she will pick it up straight away.

After seeing this activity (little science experiment) on a facebook business page I just had to try it with my little man. It was definitely a success! It is a cheap and easy activity which your child will love. It helps with your little ones fine motor skills and gets them playing with colours.

Have fun!

Almost 3!


My big boy is almost 3, I can’t believe 3 years has disappeared in what sometimes feels like in a blink of an eye. Having said that sometimes each day has felt like it is NEVER ending…

To say I am proud of my little boy would be an understatement. While at times he tests us, he certainly is a beautiful strong willed yet affectionate boy. Over the last couple of months Jake has started going to daycare for two days a week. We were lucky enough to be recommended to an absolutely wonderful family daycare which he loves going to (thank you Jan for everything you do I’m sure he can be quite challenging at times). Daycare has given Jake the opportunity to make more friends and have lots of fun playing and learning with other little ones. It feels like he has grown up so much in the last couple of months.

Thank you Jake for filling our lives with love, hugs and laughter. We love you little man, you are our little miracle for which we are truly blessed to have. It has been a privilege to watch you grow, learn and develop into the gorgeous boy you are now. I can’t wait to celebrate your third birthday with you on Thursday.




So after over 5 years of being best friends, 4 years & 6 months of being together, 1 cat and 2 beautiful boys my man and I are engaged.

When friends and loved ones ask to see the rock I show them the above picture. Why you might ask?? Well in true Marty and Danni tradition we have decided to do things our way, not the most conventional way but that doesn’t change anything. Our relationship is and has always been based on love and an awesome connection. We just GET each other.

Marty over time has often asked me to marry him, I just giggled and replied not until you have a rock. Well he now does. 🙂 In February this year I purchased the above engraved river stone from an etsy store. I was hoping it would arrive for Valentines Day but it didn’t quite make it in time so on the 18th of February I hoped down on one knee, presented Marty with the rock and asked him to marry me. I was hoping for a romantic, cute and humorous proposal.

It worked! He said YES. So now I get to say Fiancé instead of ‘partner’ or ‘boyfriend’. At 28 the term ‘boyfriend’ sounds so high school and given that we go by the names Marty and Danni the term ‘partner’ makes us sound like we are involved in a same sex relationship (not that I have anything against same sex relationships). 🙂

We won’t be ringing the wedding bells anytime soon. After all one can’t rush into marriage. 😉


Big Plans

For those of you who do not know my big boy he is absolutely gorgeous, so very energetic and cheeky. He also still sleeps in his cot at almost 3. We had planned on converting his bed into a toddler bed but he decided that he would prefer his bed not to be broken. SO we ‘fixed’ his bed and left him be. I think he would happily sleep in his cot forever but I want to ramp up the toilet training so he has to be able to actually get out of his bed when he needs to.

Our plans

After Jake turns 3 we are going to get him a big boy bed! Given that he is already tall for his age and his Daddy is tall we have decided to skip the single size bed and move him straight into a king single. We are hoping that this will last him until he leaves home (or we take pity on him and buy him a larger bed).

When Aunty Row visited and Jake was off playing with his daycare friends, we found the most adorable bedding set at ADAIRS called I am Robot. Aunty Row bought the doona cover (in the double bed size) and the robot pillow; I am dreaming of buying the sheets.

In 15 sleeps he will be 3!

Wish me luck.

P.s. Might be asking for bed time tips before you know it (I am CERTAIN this transition will be painful).


I have always loved reading.
There is nothing like picking up a book and immersing yourself in another world. A world where you are merely a bystander. Where you can just look on and watch as someone else’s story unfolds. Where you can use your imagination as the characters world unfolds.

I don’t get much time to read these days… I don’t really have much time for me. I think every parent understands what I mean. Before I became a parent I thought that my life was busy. I so didn’t know what busy was and boy was I surprised to work that one out 😉 When I do get time I love to get out my kindle and just read.

I have the keyboard kindle and a hot pink Kindle case which my man bought me. Every time I use it I find myself thinking how truly awesome it is. The other day I was asked what type of books I like and I honestly couldn’t say. I seriously like a bit of everything, kind of like my music taste, it varies depending on my mood and what is happening in my life. Lately I have been favouring modern chick lit (aka trashy rom com books). You know the ones you can pick up and just read. You don’t really need your brain, they don’t really toy with your emotions, they don’t stir up repressed feelings or make you dwell on bad/sad things that are happening around the world. Children don’t get hurt and the family pet rarely dies. If cancer is bought up it is usually lightly touched on and it doesn’t really make you dwell on what is lost. You can just giggle along and cringe when the overly sickening soppy bits happen. I find these style of books a quick read which is much easier to do when you have a toddler and baby.

I have signed up to an awesome blog called Pixel of Ink and if you have a kindle I suggest you do too. I get an email everyday with a list of free and/or bargain books available to download straight onto my kindle. You can’t get any easier than that 🙂
From time to time I think I might post about a book I am/just finished reading. Currently I am trying to finish Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.



With all the sadness and bad things happening in the world I just want to take this moment to reflect on my life and say a little thanks. Don’t worry I am okay. There is nothing wrong with me that a good night sleep wouldn’t fix. I was just sitting here after the worst nights sleep since Charlie was born feeling exhausted and drinking my morning, much needed pick me up coffee and thinking about everything that has gone down in the last few months.

In the last 8 months I have lost a close friend to cancer, had another miracle baby, met wonderful new friends, enjoyed some good times and been dealt some bad times, needed a shoulder to cry on, been a shoulder to cry on. Made and changed plans. Sacrificed, grown and evolved… all of which I now reflect on?

Marty – Thank you for being so awesome and putting up with my crazy ways. For making me the coffees I so desperately need even though you know that once the caffeine kicks in, I will be bouncing off the walls and annoying you with my ramblings. For the sweet things you do for me each and everyday. Thank you for being my man, for our sons and being my best friend. For joining and loving my family. For agreeing to marry me. For everything you do around the house and supporting us financially and emotionally. You are truly appreciated for everything that you are.

My boys – Thank you for driving me insane and then doing the cutest things to instantly make up for it. For filling my life with love.

Mum & Dad – Thank you for always being here for me. It is so nice to know that no matter what happens and what choices I make in life I can always count on you for support. Thank you for everything you do for me and my little family.

Row and James – Thank you for being the best siblings a middle child could ever ask for. I know over the years we have all driven each other crazy more times than we could ever count. Please know that when the shit hits the fan and life throws you sadness I am here for you, thinking about you & grieving with you. I WILL pick that phone up more often. I love you xx

My friends – Whether I met you at school, uni, when we moved to Sydney, through Marty or since I became a mother I truly value you and miss you especially when it has been too long between catch ups. I know at times we may not be on the same page but I love that whenever we pick up that phone to say hello it is always easy to talk to you.

My online friends – Each and everyday I am amazed that even though I have never actually met you (or only met in person once or twice) that we can have such a strong and supportive friendship. That social networking means that no matter what time of day we need each other someone is always around. I want to thank you for all your support and advice as well as being my cheer and support squad.

For those who have lost (you know who you are) – whether it be recent or some time ago. I send you massive hugs and the strength to take each day one step at a time. Please know I am here for you in whatever way I can be.

I am also thankful for this beautiful sunny day. On days like today one must leave reflection behind, get out in the world and live it.

To all that are reading this, I hope you have a nice day. That you are truly blessed like I am.