Baby Food

After a couple of discussions with friends and quite a few yummy baby food pouches I have decided that it is time to bite the bullet and start making my own baby food again. I loved making baby food for Jake and in the most part he loved eating it. I found making purees so much fun with my Breville Mini Wizz, until Jake decided that baby led weaning was more his thing.

Today I am going to cook up some pear. I know my little man loves the Rafferty’s garden pear, apple and cinnamon pouch lets just hope he loves mine too. While I am at it I might try my hand at making an egg yolk custard. Having never made custard before I am interested to see how it turns out and whether I can make a yummy smooth custard from scratch, no custard powder just a recipe from my Women’s Weekly ‘Fresh food for Babies & Toddlers’ cookbook.

If you are looking for a cookbook for baby food I can definitely recommend the Fresh food for Babies & Toddlers one. You can buy it online, in some supermarkets and in some good newsagents. My copy was given to me as a baby shower present from my sister. ❤

I’ll let you know how I go.



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