Curash Cornstarch Anti-Rash Baby Powder

When I was pregnant with my first son I was the online research queen!

I decided to find out everything I could about baby products. So well before my son was born I had read all about the evils of talc ( Armed with scary information we decided that we would not use talc based powder on our baby’s bottom. When everyone gave us baby powder we said thank you and not wanting it to be wasted we then passed it on to friends who wanted to use it. We kept a bottle of Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder because it said cornstarch on it. 

Not 100% comfortable using the ‘cornstarch’ Anti-Rash baby powder it sat un-opened on the bookshelf. Today I got the powder down and was examining the packaging, I’ve never actually examined it before, when I noticed that it said ‘with cornstarch’ but there was no mention of talc on the bottle. So I jumped onto the Curash website and found the product in question, Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder ‘with cornstarch’. After following a few links I finally found the ingredients list which lists zinc oxide, Talc, maize starch and perfume. Sneaky isn’t it. I was so annoyed and disappointed that a company could lead parents to believe that their product is safer than it in fact is. Yes it does not say ‘talc free’ but it does make it hard to make informed decisions. 

Naturally I am glad that I have never used it on my babies’ bottoms.

TIP: If you have baby powder laying around you can use if to remove sticky sand from your little ones skin. We dust our cheeky toddler down with it before he comes in side covered in sand. Then we take him straight into the bathroom and clean him up.

My friend Kirsty shared another cool powder trick with me today. Messy, sticky pasta and rice can be easily swept up after sprinkling powder on them. One of the cool tips she learnt in childcare. Thanks Kirsty 🙂


2 thoughts on “Curash Cornstarch Anti-Rash Baby Powder

  1. Lou says:

    We used sand to sweep up pasta, rice, etc at work 😉

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